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How I passed AWS Security Specialty Exam

Hi Folks,

Hope you are staying safe, As I have just passed the AWS security specialty exam recently I just wanted to share the Preparation details which helped me to pass the exam with a score of 873.

As mentioned security specialty comes under specialty certifications, so you need a solid understanding of aws services particularly security services, again AWS suggests that At least 2 years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads.

Now When It comes to My preparation, I have been working on AWS for the last three years on different services which help me to gain deeper knowledge on some of the services and some are again new to as we cant learn all AWS services available.

Now Enough of speech and all, Please find the details that helped me in clearing this certification Exam

  1. The first thing is an Awesome Course from Zealvora ( which covers Topics pretty well where you get a solid understanding of services(This course will be updated frequently to have the latest UI changes in AWS console)

  2. Once you are done with the course, you can have a look at the below White papers and FAQ from the AWS certification website (, Under specialty click on security specialty. Focus on below White papers and FAQ.

3. After the above FAQ and white papers, I have gone through Jayendra Patil blog ( regarding the learning path and you can even refer to Jon Bonso learning path (

4. After that I took Tutorials Dojo- Jon Bonso( tests and Whizlabs practice tests (, Both will help you to prepare for the exam scenario questions.

5. As a next step I took JonBonso Ebook ( and have even prepared my handmade notes to remember some of the important topics

6. As a final step I took AWS Exam readiness training which you can see in the below URL and even took an AWS official practice exam.

So That’s what my preparation for this Exam and I can say every minute that I have spent on this preparation is WORTH.

One Final Word to say here is Even though Certification gives you a very good satisfaction, more than that learnings that you get during the preparation is More important, and keep practicing labs and build things during the courses which will definitely help later too.

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