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Having worked over Different Projects, Got a chance to work

with wide variety of technologies started as a Linux administrator and transitioned into

a Devops and Cloud Engineer 

Oil & Gas Corporation


As part of my previous projects I have worked for an Major Oil company in India where we have worked on Developing the App which will be used over Different Petrol bunks so that we can pay the amount via online in the app and then we can just show them QR code while filling the petrol.


Platform was majorly hosted using Containerization Archirecture and I have wored on setting up required  INfra to run docker container on AWS Instances 


I have worked on setting up all CI/CD setups using GitLab CI regarding the above Containerizations Deployments .


Got  a Chance to Explore different options for this setups staring with Docker SWARM , Kubernetes on AWS  and finally Implemented the solutiom using AKS on Azure

Life Sciences

Project was about Designing & Developing an application for a portal where they have extensively used serverless architecture patterns and have even used containerization for some of the module 

Have worked  on setting up Developer tools like Code pipeline , Code Deploy , Code commit and majorily worked on Serverless Application Deployment and Setting up Infra on Cloudformation.


As this is my First Cloud Projects and Have majorly worked on many services such as AWS lambda ,  DynamoDB and all the other Infra related services and  have worked on setting up INfra using Infrastructure as a Code.

Along with Cloud services I have even worked on jenkins for Other configurations and setups such as Mulesoft Deployments

Personal Interests

Apart from tthe above projects and setups there are many personal setups which I have worked both for Office and then for my learning purpose 

Have worked on setting up of AWS Landing zone for an MVP for a project to setup a Multi Account Architecture according to AWS best pracices 

Have setup a Custom Landing Zone for my Cloud Team Business Unit where we have automated the AWS Account provisioning for differet teams to run their POC workloads 

Have Conducted AWS Immersion day Event both for Internal and External providers.

Active in writing Medium Blogs on Devops and AWS topics whenever possible and the same has been published on Toward AWS Publication.


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