AWS Certified  Devops Engineer offering over 7.5  years of experience solving complex problems. Deep Experience with many AWS services  and different architectural patterns such as Containers, Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes , Jenkins and other Devops tool stack helping Organizations instill Devops for the Modern Age



  •  Hands on Experience in setting up CI/CD setups with Jenkins multi branch pipeline jobs for ECS , Lambda deployments, AWS Batch          Deployments and App config Deployments

  •  Hands on Experience on Jenkins Integration with Checkmarx and Sonarqube and Implemented OWASP Dependency check In our           CI/CD pipelines by Integration with Jenkins

  •  Implemented CI/CD pipelines to deploy docker containers using GitLab CI.

  •  Hands on Experice in working on DIfferent CI/CD setups by using Codepipeline , Codebuild and Code commit

  •  Have Implemented cross account CI/CD pipelines for various environments (Dev, Test, Stage, Prod and DR environment) using AWS          services

  •  Have configured CI/CD pipeline for Mule soft deployments using Codepipeline and which Deploys to Anypoint Studio

  •  Hands on Experience working with container solutions such as Docker and Container  Orchestration tool as Kubernetes

  •  Have worked on setting up Kubernetes cluster on Ec2 instances using kubeadm and kops

  • ·Have Strong Knowledge on Istio along with Kiali for POC which manages traffic flows between services, enforces access policies, and        aggregates telemetry data

  •  Have Started Exploring GitHub Actions to automate all your software workflows, now with world-class CI/CD 


  •   Hands on Experience on setting up AWS infrastructure using Cloudformation for different services such as ECS,       Lambda, Batch, Apig and other AWS services.

  •  Hands on Experience on AWS container services such as ECS, EKS and fargate solutions around it.

  •  Expertise on different AWS service such as Lambda, Batch , Elastic Beanstalk, Apprunner and Ec2, EBS ,ELB, onfig, Secrets Manager.

  •  Hands on Experience on different Security,Identity & complaince services such as IAM , Secrets Manager , Guardduty, Inspector, AWS signer.

  • Have worked on AWS Backup to configure, manage, and govern your backup activity across your organization's AWS accounts and resources

  •  Enhancing Both CI/CD setups and AWS services to Implement security Best practices.

  •  Have Worked on Elastic search service, Elastic Load Balancer and X ray

  •  Strong Knowledge on services such as Macie, AWS SSO , WAF & sheild , Security Hub , Detective

  •  Hands on Experience on Different Application Integration services such as Event bridge , SQS, SNS

  •  Have worked on Setting AWS Landing zone for MVP to provision helps customers more quickly set up secure  multi-account AWS environment based on AWS best practices

  •  Experience on different AWS service such as Lambda, Batch , Elastic Beanstalk, Apprunner and Ec2, EBS

  •  Having Good knowledge on AWS Database services such as RDS and DynamoDB

  •  Hands on Experience on different networking & Content Delivery services such as VPC, CLoudfront, Route 53, Apig

  • Hands On experience with Different Management & Governance services such as AWS Organizations, Cloudwatch, Autoscaling ,Cloudtrail, Config, Service Catalog, Systems Manager, App config, trusted Advisor, AWS Compute Optmizer, AWS resource Groups & Tag Editor.

  • Hands on Experience on different Machine Learning services such as CodeGuru , Devops Guru.

  • Hands on Experience on Different Analytics services such as Athena, Elastic search , Kinesis, Quicksight , Datapipeline.


  • Have worked on setting up Integration of Datadog with AWS and other thirdparty providers for Metrics/Traces/log collection.

  • Have worked on setting up ELK stack for one of module to collect all logs and metrics from AWS by using cloudwatch, lambda and Kinesis

  • Have worked on Setting up Grafana , promethus for Monitoring cluster setup on AWS.

  • Have Worked pretty Extensively on Cloudwatch using Container Insights and other metrics/logs options availablein cloudwatch